Think "this time it's different"? Think again.

Sir John Templeton famously said those are the four most expensive words in the English language.

Ken Fisher's 8th book shows you how investors' memories frequently play tricks on them--and how those tricks are often costly. Readers can use the book to learn to improve their investing error rate by combating their faulty memories--with just a bit of history.

This isn't to say history repeats perfectly, nor that it predicts the future. But while history may not repeat, a recession is still a recession; a credit crisis is still a credit crisis. Bear markets aren't new--nor are bull markets. Some of these events are vastly bigger than others--but investors have lived through them all before. And understanding how investors have reacted to past similar events can help guide you in shaping better forward-looking expectations. The past never predicts the future, but it can reduce guesswork about what's ahead.

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